We Still Love John

October 13, 2009

Reflection Post (Jitsy)

Filed under: #5: review and evaluation — Elizabeth Hope @ 4:43 pm

I rather enjoyed the PBL process, because it reminded me a lot of the project-based presentations we used to carry out in school, particularly the slant towards Eduactional Psychology. Doing the project reminded me of how much I miss learning about Psychology, all its crazy theories and the limitations of all the theories. But it also reminded me that there’s a need for practical experience to supplement these theories, otherwise it’s very much armchair Psychology. Which is a pity, because I wouldn’t mind doing armchair Psychology for the rest of my life, debating about qualia and cognitions and how “all of our sorrow is real, but the atoms of which we are made are indifferent,” and other problems of consciousness.

Back to PBL, I think it’s great because it puts the learning in the students’ hands, and gives you a real-life problem to find a solution to. In this sense, it’s slightly less armchair than presenting strictly on theories and how they should be applied, and their limitations and so on. I like that we’re given a very realistic picture of John, but one thing that might be a disservice to us is that in the real world, in the classrooms, we probably won’t have so much knowledge given to us. In fact, many of us might be stuck at the level of the teacher who dismissed John as a lazy, unmotivated student, unwilling to see deeper into his family situation, and doing something to motivate John, instead of ignore him. PBL thus might paint a bit of a rosy picture, though it equips us with the relevant skills on what we should do in the event that we meet such a situation.

Our group worked well together, efficiently and consistently. While we split up the parts at times, we constantly touched base with one another to ensure that we were all on the right track. I enjoyed the experience, and the amount of time given to us was sufficient, as we were allowed to work on the project in the class, and check with our tutor constantly to ensure that we were on the right track.


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