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October 13, 2009

Revisiting Resilience

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Definition of Psychological Resilience: An individual’s capacity to withstand stressors and not manifest psychology dysfunction, such as mental illness or persistent negative mood.

Risk factors: Major acute or chronic stress such as death of someone else, chronic illness, physical or emotional abuse, fear, unemployment, community violence and instability in the family.

Resilience is a dynamic quality, not a permanent capacity.  In other words, resilient individuals demonstrate dynamic self-renewal, whereas less resilient individuals find themselves worn down and negatively impacted by life stressors.

Characteristics of resilient people:

  • Ability to “bounce back” and “recover from almost anything”
  • Have a “where there’s a will, there’s a way” attitude
  • Tendency to see problems as opportunities
  • Ability to “hang tough” which things are difficult
  • Capacity for seeing small windows of opportunity and making the most of them
  • Have deep-rooted faith in a system of meaning
  • Have a healthy social support network
  • Has the ability to competently handle most different kinds of situations and manage strong emotions
  • Has a wide comfort zone
  • Able to recover from experiences of a traumatic nature

Formula for resilience???

growth = challenge + support

“Any level of challenge can be provided if the support is corresponding. But even a small amount of challenge may be too much and lead to traumatic experience if the person isn’t well supported.”


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