We Still Love John

October 14, 2009

We Love John Skit

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Scene 1

As the class is dismissed, Ms Lee pulls John aside for a private chit-chat…

Ms Lee: John, may I see you for a moment?

John: Yes Ms Lee…

Ms Lee: John what’s going on? I’ve been noticing a change in you John, and it’s affected your school work. How do you feel about that?

John: Who cares? Why should I bother? Ms Lee… I’m just no good at the studying..

Ms Lee: I’m sorry you feel that way, John, because I care! Anyway, why do you think you’re no good at studying? [ACKNOWLEDGING EMOTIONS]

J: I stupid what! Get bad grades, everyone dun wanna be in my group..

Ms Lee: Was the bad grades really the result of you studying or not studying? [BEGINNING OF A SERIES OF SOCRATIC QUESTIONING TO SIEVE OUT IRRATIONAL THINKING]

J: Errr.. not studying?

Ms Lee: So actually, you didn’t do well because you have not been studying or doing your homework?

J: Maybe..

Ms Lee: Maybe, if you actually study, you’ll do well. Let’s try this out: study for the next test, and we’ll see if you’re really “stupid” as you said. If a stupid person studies, then no matter what, he would do badly. But if you’re not a stupid person, and the real reason is a lack of studying, which I think is the real case, then we should see results. We’ll compare the test which you studied to the last test which you didin’t study for and we’ll see for sure if you’re stupid or not or it’s because of the studying. Will you be willing to study for the next test and see how this works out? [BEHAVIOURAL EXPERIMENT TO TEST HYPOTHESIS CONSTRUCTED FROM ILLOGICAL THINKING]

J: But Ms Lee, I don’t want to study.


J: It’s no use, my parents will still hate me.

Ms Lee: How do you know?

J: They…

Ms Lee: I’m here for you John, but if you’re not ready to share it’s perfectly okay.

J: Well… my parents think I’m stupid.

Ms Lee: How do you know they think like that? Have they actually told you? [BEGINNING OF A SERIES OF SOCRATIC QUESTIONING]

J: No, but I can tell…. They always scold me..

Ms Lee: So when they scold you, it’s because you’re stupid? [FINDING OUT THE CORE BELIEF: “No one loves me because I’m stupid”]

J: Yes…

Ms Lee: And when they scold you it means they hate you.

J: Yes..

Ms Lee: Well, that’s interesting. Because I met up with your parents, and I never heard them say that you’re stupid or they hate you. They were so concerned with how you’re doing in school, and they wanted to ask me how to help you do well. (pauses for effect).  John, your parents want you to do well, but they don’t hate you for doing badly in school. They seem distracted with their own problems, and it is probably a hard time for them so they haven’t actually been able to be there for you 100%. Is it very stressful at home? [CHALLENGING FAULTY THINKING; ACKNOWLEDGING FEELINGS]

J: Sort of. I don’t know what to do…

Ms Lee:  Then I think it is important that you don’t allow yourself to be affected, as hard as it sounds.  Sometimes, it is better not to be involved because parents can be so stressed up they forget about how to take care of you.  All of us care very much about you John, and not just about how you do in your school work. Whatever is going on at home, I want you to put it aside for now. Just think about YOU. Think about your future. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? [BUILDING SELF-CONCEPT; MAKING PROBLEM MORE ACCESSIBLE & CONTROLLABLE BY SHIFTING FOCUS AWAY FROM PARENTS]

J: Don’t know… so far away..

Ms Lee: I want to meet up with you again after the test, and I want you to think about where you want to see yourself in at the end of PSLE and 5 years later, write it down and show it to me. I want you to consider which secondary school you want to go to, what would be a perfect life to you in 5 years time and how you are going reach this perfect life. The point is that I want us to set goals together so that you can help yourself achieve greatness. Many people were successful, but did you know they were not always very happy in their life? Have you heard of Helen Keller? [SETTING GOALS; PROMOTING RESILIENCE BY REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES]

J: The blind woman?

Ms Lee: And deaf too. She was a great person, but her life was not smooth-sailing. You can read up about her life story. I had another student who… [goes on to elaborate on a similar  story of a trouble-maker who has a change of heart and goes to a good secondary school/becomes rich and successful]

J: Ok, so what? How to be like them… I’ll never be that good.

Ms Lee: Well, we’ll have to put that to the test before we conclude, right? Be more confident of yourself – you have a lot of strengths John, like you’re good at basketball and before all of this nonsense, English. Just study for the next test and think about your future for a bit. I’ll meet you after the test is over here, okay? [REINFORCE POSITIVE THINKING]

J: Okay..

Scene 2:

Some time later…

Meng Chong: Hey bully! What you want?

J: [thinking out loud to himself] Oh great. It’s them again. I promised Ms Lee that I won’t get angry with them. I don’t know if I can leh, they’re so mean to me. Good thing we practiced during our role-playing sessions so I know what to do now. [PRE-TAUGHT PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS]

Hi guys! I’m sorry about last time, I shouldn’t have hit you first. Can I watch you guys play basketball? [ACKNOWLEDGING AND RESPECTING OTHERS]

Meng Chong: Why should we?

J: Because I can be the referee and help get the ball for you. [USING ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS TO SOLVE A PROBLEM]

Meng Chong: Why… you …so nice to us huh??

J: Cannot meh.. don’t want then never mind lor. Your loss.

Meng Chong: Don’t want referee! We want to play 3 of us versus 1 of you. See how you like it!


[Since John is good in basketball, he scores a few goals. But because he is up against 3 people, he still loses to the other team. But he doesn’t lose his cool.]

J: Thanks guys, that was a good game.  [POSITIVE THINKING]

Ravi: You’re not so bad, next time play with us again. Actually… not very fair lah. We do 2 v 2 next time, more fun also.

J: Cool. See you!


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  1. This is amazing 🙂 I love it!

    Comment by puddleofgoo — October 19, 2009 @ 2:55 pm

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