We Still Love John

October 14, 2009


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Wow! have you guys checked out our Views Per Day Stats on the right side of the Dashboard?

My pulse is weak….


September 10, 2009

Important Announcements!

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Can you tell that I’m trying to avoid my QED507 homework?

I had a great time trying to figure out what the difference between categories and tags was. And my search has yielded results

In short — we will avoid the use of tags on this blog. They’re confusing and they’ll lead you to all kinds of other sites you don’t want to go to! Our categories will keep us within the blog.

I also had fun renaming the categories! Here’s a quick guide to the categories on this page!


See you all next week!

And don’t forget, there is always room for smoothies.

I love John and…

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I love smoothies.

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